Not a day seems to go by without a new gardening book appearing on the book shelves, it can be a bewildering choice. To help you pick your way through, Mark Robson (Bide-A-Wee Garden designer and expert) has listed some books that he have found highly useful over the years. Happy reading!

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Bulbs, Roger Philips et all
Bulbs, Roger Philips & Martin Rix, Pan Books 1989
Hardy Herbaceous Perennials
Hardy Herbaceous Perennials, Volume 1 and 2, Leo Jelitto & Wilhelm Schacht, Timber Press 1995
£11.89 (30% saving) From £10.49 (new and used)
Ornamental Shrubs Climbers and Bamboo  
Ornamental Shrubs Climbers and Bamboo, Graham Stuart Thomas, John Murray, 1992 Perennial Garden Plants (2nd edition), Graham Stuart Thomas, Dent, 1991.
£18 (30% saving) £17.50 (30% saving)
Perennials Volume 1 and 2  
Perennials Volume 1 and 2, Roger Philips & Martin Rix, Pan Books 1991.
Plantfinders Guide to Ornamental Grasses
Plantfinders Guide to Ornamental Grasses, Roger Grounds, David and Charles, 1998.
£11.89 (30% saving) £12.50 (used books)
Plantfinders Guide to Ferns  
Plantfinders Guide to Ferns, Martin Rickard, David and Charles, 2000.
Shrubs, Roger Philips & Martin Rix
Shrubs, Roger Philips & Martin Rix, Pan Books, 1989.
£6.70 (used books) £7.50 (used books)
The Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs
The Hillier Manual of Trees and Shrubs, David and Charles, 1991.    
£11.99 (used books)
The Expert Range - £5.99 each
The Tree Shrub Expert 
The Rock and Water Garden Expert
The Flowering Shrub Expert
The Bedding Plant Expert

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