Foxes digging holes in the lawn

We have just laid a new lawn but local foxes keep returning in the night and digging holes. What can we do to stop the foxes?

Bide-A-Wee response:

Not an issue we have had so far at Bide-A-Wee despite our country location but a growing problem in urban towns. Certain plants and scents can discourage foxes coming to parts of a garden but unless you have these all around your garden this is unlikely to stop them in the long term. Similarly fencing may prove a deterrent but foxes usually work there way around these. There are a number of noise based systems that play a high pitched audio frequency that humans can not hear but that will disturb foxes (also cats and dogs). While the noise doesn't harm the animals it should encourage them to move on.

Other reader comments:

SL of West Sussex response. We have recently bought one of the sound based deterrents and it seems to be effective.

Gateshead Council. Gateshead provide this useful fact sheet on the urban fox.

Have you found another solution for foxes.... why not e-mail us and so we can share the information with other people who visit this website?

Further information

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