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Mr M of Milwaukee, WI, US wishes to purchase Meum from Bide-A-Wee to the USA.
We have converted the backyard into quite an elegant garden, complete with pond and many perennials/annuals.The problem is that one certain perennial has caused my wife a lot of sadness.  About 10 years ago, she was able to purchase a rather unusual plant, a MEUM, from one of the local greenhouses, and it grew for many years in our backyard.  However, last year it died, due to some unknown disease, and she has been unable to find it locally to repurchase its replacement.  It became one of her favorite plants, and is quite saddened since its loss.  I came across your website and discovered you have the plant for sale, can we purchase it?

Bide-A-Wee response (by Mark Robson)

Thank you for the enquiry regarding Meum. Meum is a native plant of northern England but is still a slow grower, but relativly easy from seed. I say this because it is incredibly difficult to export plants to the USA not only would you have to pay for the plants and shipping costs but the plants have to be inspected and given a Phytosanitory certificate.

This involves washing all soil off the plant roots, and then a Government inspector, examining the plants for disease so a certificate can be issued. Only then can the plants be dispatched. As you can imagine, this all makes the process very expensive. Restrictions also exist for seed export.

This 'red tape' is however there to protect your countries flora and crops against both disease and possible invasive species. However, this does not help you get the Meum for your wife. If you or your wife are a member of NARGS, WWW.NARGS.ORG  (NORTH AMERICAN ROCK GARDEN SOCIETY), they offer an extensive seed list and the 2003/2004 offered Meum, so I suspect it is available in the USA.

We are happy to further investigate export certificates for any customers that wish us to but US visitors may also wish to join NARGS and wait for the NARG seed list which comes out in November/December.

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