Garden Advice: Cyperus - umbrella palms?

Mr RP. (March 2008)

I planted some (what I think are) umbrella palms in my pond last spring. They have done amazingly well but do get blown about quite a bit in the wind and I have been cutting off the broken stems. I don’t know whether to cut them right back, or just leave them.

Also, if necessary to cut them back, when to do so, how to do so and how low to cut them.

Can you advise?

  Umbrella Palms


Bide-A-Wee response (by Mark Robson)

The plant your photograph illustrates is Cyperus a hardy form of the genus that encompasses Papyrus.

I assume you are located in the South of England as we would struggle to grow it here in Northumberland outside. That said it would be safe to cut it back now, down to just above water level avoiding cutting the shoots that will be just below ground level.

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