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Cyperus - Umbrella Palm?

I planted some (what I think are) umbrella palms in my pond last spring. They have done amazingly well but do get blown about quite a bit in the wind and I have been cutting off the broken stems. I don’t know whether to cut them right back, or just leave them.

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Wild Flower Meadow in Norfolk

I have an area of approx. 100ft by 85ft which was until 6 years ago grazed by my goats. I now want to create a wild flower meadow.

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Perennial propagation

I am a first year student at Kew and am researching for a project on perennial production in the U.K. I would be very interested to know your methods of propagation and your thoughts on buying in stock from abroad.

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Preparing a fruit and vegetable patch

I'm fairly new to gardening and have decided to have my own vegetable patch as a raised 2 metres squared bed. At the moment there are quite a few strands of grass, a bit of weed and some shoots from the sycamore tree. I'm not sure whether its enough to just pull them out or should I use something stronger as i'm a little reluctant to use weed killer.

Also i wanted to know how do i prepare my soil ready for planting veg/fruit and when would be the earliest i can plant, i would really like to be able to plant something this year so i can start seeing something grow. (Sept 2007)

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Buying Selinum from Bide-A-Wee?

I note you stock the above.   I live in Sussex but will visiting the area in the middle of October.   Is your nursery open on any days in that month please? (Sept 2007)

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Garden design service

Could you please tell us if you offer a design service or could recommend anyone locally. (Aug 2007)

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Creating a large perennial border

I want to create a large perennial border in a newly aquired area of my garden.  My husband has let me have a small piece of a field on the farm!  We are on a very exposed, windy site about 1,100ft above sea level.  There is a hedge and dry stone wall around the area, but the soil is extremely poor. (April 2007)

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Creating a wild flower meadow

We are currently renovating a cottage in the North Pennine Dales, the property comes with a three acre field which I want to turn into a wildflower meadow.  I believe you have such a feature at Bide-a-Wee and I would be grateful for any advice you could offer me. (April 2007)

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Hiding an unsightly 6 foot fence

I am faced with a six foot high bare wooden fence to the three sides of my garden. Where do I start with regards to covering this wooden berlin wall.  I planted clematis & honeysuckle last spring on the south and east facing sides.  However they seem rather inadequate when compared to the acreage of fencing to cover!! Any suggestions/pointers would be greatly appreciated. (March 2007)

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Caring for the Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’

I purchased a handsome specimen of the Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ from yourselves in the summer of 2007. I found a variety of information on the internet, some advising that I wrap the bottom of the plant in bubble wrap while others advising that I transplant the new buds and take them indoors. I am very confused by the conflicting information and I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on how to take care of the sedum plant and its new buds. (January 2007)

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Foxes digging holes in the lawn

We have just laid a new lawn but local foxes keep returning in the night and digging holes. What can we do to stop the foxes? (August 2006)

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Sending Bide-A-Wee plants abroad

We live in the US and would like to purchase a Meum? (September 2006)

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